TOCsic: a Powerful jQuery TOC Plugin

TOCsic is a customizable table of contents plugin for jQuery, featuring go to top links, smooth scroll and developer-friendly class names.

Coding TOCs by hand is not hard but when there are many items it can easily become a daunting task. First I thought there should be plenty of jQuery plugins out there to choose from but I haven't found the right one. I needed one with "go to top" links, which enable jumping back and forth between TOC and targets. Existing plugins offer only one-way interaction or require the TOC to be of fixed position.

I thought that was the right time to create my first jQuery plugin - and TOCsic was born.


  • option to add TOC title with custom tag
  • customizable before and/or after character for TOC items (e.g. arrows or hyphens)
  • customizable attachTo parameter (defaults to "body")
  • "go to top" links on each target, or
  • one "go to top" link (meant to be used with fixed position)
  • smooth scroll
  • user-defined "go to top" link text and title
  • option to make the fixed "go to top" link visible only if page is scrolled down
  • scroll to top of the page or to position of TOC (the two can be different)
  • optional level classes to make CSS styling easier

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