NSIScons (Windows)

NSIScons is a small tool that puts buttons to Total Commander’s / Double Commander’s button bar to navigate quickly to system locations. It supports about 50 pre-defined constants to make it really easy to jump anywhere you might want to.

NSIScons is in fact around since 2011 when I released the very first version. Originally it supported Total Commander only as that was my main file manager at the time. I switched to Double Commander months ago and unfortunately NSIScons was not compatible. I really missed it and finally decided to release an update. Luckily it was easy to change the code to support both file managers.

How does it work?

The application simply launches TC or DC with a commandline parameter. For example


runs TC or DC opened with a panel navigated to


Because NSIS handles paths, system-related variables are automatically resolved. So you don’t need to deal with USERNAME in paths and everything should work fine on localized Windows boxes.

What’s new?

From v0.2 NSIScons can be used also with Double Commander. What’s more, there is a copy-paste example in the downloadable package so you can add a menu to the toolbar in a few seconds. The example uses Windows system icons so it looks something like this:

Version 0.2 also supports environment variables.


Download NSIScons v0.2

Icons are designed by Yathosho

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