Batch optimize images for the web, locally (Windows)

There are many great online image optimizers like Kraken, JPEGmini but what if you need to optimize images offline? Using DropIt with commandline utilities is a handy alternative.

If you’re on a Mac, you should try ImageOptim, and if on Linux, perhaps Trimage will help you out. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything similar for Windows, only commandline utilities. While these are great (and most online services are using them too) they are just inconvenient to use. That’s why I put together a DropIt profile, so image optimization is really only a matter of drag-and-drop operation.

Benefits and disadvantages

Using an offline tool instead of online service has these benefits:

  • no need to upload, download and finally re-upload images to your site
  • directory structure kept
  • more control on settings
  • in-place optimization (overwrite files)
  • no file size limits, e.g. Kraken has 1 Mb / 16 Mb limits (free/pro)

Of course there are some disadvantages as well:

  • slightly higher images sizes
  • slower (depends on your PC resources)


After trying some commandline tools I picked these:

Note that I haven’t delve knee-deep into all the settings of their options, so perhaps there is room left for improvements. I was able to get results similar to Kraken’s and Google Page Speed didn’t complain about optimized images, which was just perfect to my needs.

Get it

To read the full procedure and download the DropIt profile, read my full post on the DropIt blog:

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